Readers' Poll: 5 Best Ed Sheeran Songs

See what song beat "Bloodstream" and "The A Team" for the Number One spot

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4. "Bloodstream"

This tensely paced x track traces Sheeran's first time taking ecstasy, which happened while he was at a pal's wedding in Ibiza. "It was a wedding, and I was having a mojito, and my mate was like, 'Do you want to try it? It tastes really bad if you put it in your mouth, but I'll just put it in your drink and it'll be fine,'" Sheeran told Spotify in 2014. The heightened emotion brought on by the drug is reflected in the lyrics, which portray the guilt he felt over a recent heartbreak. "During it all I felt a lot of things: I felt anxiety, I felt love, I felt warm, I felt a bit weird," Sheeran said. "And afterwards, you spend all day just thinking about what you've been through."

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