Readers' Poll: 10 Rock Bands You Hope to See Reunite
Pink Floyd reformed with Roger Waters at Live 8 in the summer of 2005 but don't expect a repeat of that reunion Hubert Boesl/dpa/Corbis

LCD Soundsystem and Guns N' Roses may be back together, but there's still a very long list of bands that remain split. Some ended by mutual decision after decades on the road, while others imploded just a few years after reforming and haven't even been in the same room for decades. It seems to be a rock & roll rule that every band that can conceivably reform will do so at some point in the future — even if they pull a Led Zeppelin or a Pink Floyd and only do it for a single night. We asked our readers to select the bands they hope to see reunite in the near future. Here are the results.