Readers' Poll: 10 Best Solo Paul Simon Songs

See what tune managed to top "You Can Call Me Al," "Graceland" and "Still Crazy After All These Years"

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3. "You Can Call Me Al"

Back in the 1970s, Paul Simon was at a party with his wife Peggy when French composer Pierre Boulez walked up to him and said, "Sorry, I have to leave, Al, and give my best to Betty." For years after that, Peggy and Harper called each other "Al" and "Betty" as a little inside joke. About a decade after Al and Betty divorced, the incident was ringing around his head when he penned the lyrics for the Graceland track "You Can Call Me Al." He shot a goofy video for it with Chevy Chase that VH1 played roughly 10,000 times that year, causing it to race up the charts. It remains one of Simon's signature songs – even if the lyrics come off like complete nonsense to most people. 

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