Readers' Poll: 10 Best Solo Paul Simon Songs

See what tune managed to top "You Can Call Me Al," "Graceland" and "Still Crazy After All These Years"

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6. "Late in the Evening"

From the moment that "The Sound of Silence" hit big in 1965, Paul Simon faced nothing but incredible success for 15 years. Then he decided to write a movie and star in it. 1980's One Trick Pony features Simon as a washed-up folk rocker trying to orchestrate a comeback. It was such a fiasco that he reunited with Garfunkel for a two-year reunion tour the following year just to regain the love of the public. The One Trick Pony soundtrack also failed to find an audience, but the single "Late in the Evening" has become a classic that Simon rarely gets offstage without playing. It's a funky look back at his early years when he discovered music and met his first love. Few people remember the movie or the soundtrack, but they know this song. 

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