Readers' Poll: 10 Best Country Songs of 2014

You are really, really big fans of Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan and Eric Church

10. Luke Bryan, "Roller Coaster"

Set in Panama City Beach, Florida, this sun-kissed song about a short-lived courtship takes you through the peaks of young love and valleys of finite goodbyes. "She's like a song playing over and over/In my mind where I still hold her/I had the chance, and I should've told her," Bryan sings with pain in his voice as the lyrics take a sharp turn from romance to regret. CMA-nominated newcomer Cole Swindell co-wrote this tune back when he was a merch salesman for Bryan, teaming up with the country superstar's guitarist, Michael Carter. When Bryan first heard Swindell's demo, he predicted his employee would be getting a record deal — a forecast that proved true just two years later.