Readers' Poll: 10 Best Albums of 2016

See what album managed to top Radiohead's 'A Moon Shaped Pool,' Beyonce's 'Lemonade' and Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

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5. The Monkees, 'Good Times'

Who would have thought the Monkees would have one of the best albums of 2016? Beyond the fact they haven't made anything worth hearing since the Head soundtrack in 1968, Davy Jones is dead and the remaining members seemed firmly entrenched in the nostalgia circuit. But Rhino Records felt there was still magic to be tapped and they brought Fountains of Wayne frontman Adam Schlesinger into the producers chair and recruited songwriters like Rivers Cuomo, Noel Gallagher and Ben Gibbard to pen new tunes. The final product is shockingly great, with the Gibbard-penned "Me & Magdalena" going down as the one of the best songs in Monkees history. 

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