Readers' Poll: 10 Acts We'd Like to See Enter Rock Hall of Fame in 2017

See what group managed to top Yes, the Moody Blues and the Cure

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1. Pearl Jam

Not many bands enter the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility these days. Even Metallica had to wait a year. Pearl Jam might be the exception. They're one of the most successful rock groups of the past quarter century, and the rock critic establishment truly understands them. They completely gave up trying to score hits at least 15 years ago, but their popularity on the road has only increased. They can sell out multiple nights at baseball stadiums with no promotion, and their three-hour shows just seem to get better as the years go by. It seems like a safe bet they'll be closing out the Hall of Fame ceremony next year, though fans anxiously await to see how the organizers will handle the situation with their four former drummers. That might get a little sticky. 

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