Readers' Poll: 10 Acts We'd Like to See Enter Rock Hall of Fame in 2017

See what group managed to top Yes, the Moody Blues and the Cure

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3. Electric Light Orchestra

Poor Jeff Lynne. He's the only Traveling Wilbury without his own Hall of Fame statue. It's certainly not because he didn't land a ton of hits on the charts. He has so many that he plays nearly two hours of popular songs on his ongoing ELO comeback tour. What happened is that Lynne became more famous as a record producer than performer, and ELO became a sad zombie band with Lynne-free offshoots like ELO Part II and the Orchestra playing casinos and fairs all over the world. It watered down the legacy of the original, though right now Lynne is on his first ELO tour in 32 years. It might restore the group to their proper place in rock history and help bring them into the Hall of Fame. If that happens, expect some drama around the performance. Lynne hasn't spoken to certain members without a lawyer present for a few decades. 

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