Readers' Poll: 10 Acts That Should Enter the Hall of Fame in 2016

See what group managed to top Yes, Electric Light Orchestra, the Smiths and Cheap Trick

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8. Iron Maiden

There aren't a ton of casual Iron Maiden fans. You're either barely aware they're that metal band with the skeleton onstage, or you've got a Number of the Beast tattoo down your entire back and quoted "Fear of the Dark" in your high school yearbook. They have virtually no mainstream hits, but they've cultivated such a loyal fan base that they continue to pack stadiums and arenas all over the globe, even when they explicitly tell everyone to not expect many old songs on certain tours. They've always focused 100 percent on pleasing their fans with little regard for critics and the rock establishment, which might explain why they aren't in the Hall of Fame yet. There's also not a ton of metal bands in the Rock Hall, a fact that has nearly driven VH1 Classic's Eddie Trunk to the brink of madness. Keep pushing, Eddie. Iron Maiden's day will come. 

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