Readers' Poll: 10 Acts That Should Enter the Hall of Fame in 2016

See what group managed to top Yes, Electric Light Orchestra, the Smiths and Cheap Trick

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4. Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick's time at the top was pretty brief. There was that brief flash of Cheap Trick mania in 1979 after Live at Budokan finally showed the world how amazing they were live, but just two years later, MTV arrived and they failed to get much traction until "The Flame" gave them a much-needed comeback hit in 1988. Since then, they've continued to tour like maniacs, releasing the occasional new album. Drummer Bun E. Carlos is out of the picture, but the three other originals are still out there grinding out "Surrender" and "Dream Police" night after night. Anyone who sees them live will have a hard time arguing they don't belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

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