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Quincy Jones: 20 Great Productions

From "It's My Party" to 'Thriller' and beyond, we survey an iconic career

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The Brothers Johnson, "Stomp" (1980)

George and Louis Johnson continued working with Jones throughout his huge, late-Seventies bump, with one or both of them contributing to many of his productions of the era, Off the Wall and Masterjam included. But the Brothers Johnson got to shine in the spotlight once more in 1980. Their single "Stomp" stormed the charts that year, striking the ideal balance between disco's epic sweep and the brave new funk of the Eighties. Amid the song's infectious calls for end-of-the-workweek ecstasy, George and Louis each take brief but stunning solos on their respective instruments, a reminder of the virtuosity that so impressed Jones the first time he heard them. "Quincy opened our heads up to a lot of things. Now, we listen to all types of music whereas before we might have been more limited," Jones' grateful protégés remarked to Blues & Soul. "We look to Quincy because we want to get to where he's at one day. It's a very heavy responsibility, but we respect him tremendously." The Brothers Johnson would never match that success again, but their spot in pop history had already been secured.

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