Quincy Jones: 20 Great Productions

From "It's My Party" to 'Thriller' and beyond, we survey an iconic career

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Rufus and Chaka Khan, 'Masterjam' (1979)

Hot on the heels of Off the Wall came a less heralded but fully worthy masterpiece, Rufus and Chaka Khan's Masterjam. The veteran funk troupe allowed Jones to give them a sleek, post-disco update, which dovetailed with Khan's concurrent emergence as a solo disco star. In Blues & Soul, she approvingly called Jones's methodology in the studio "this search for perfection," while keyboardist Kevin Murphy told the same magazine, "Working with Quincy was a beautiful experience for all of us! He's been truly an angel, and although I had a different concept of what to expect – someone who just wasn't approachable – turned out to be the complete opposite. He took the ball and just ran with it – he fitted in real well with what we're all about and we all just sat around and rapped." As focused and relentlessly visionary as he was in the studio at the time, Jones could make it feel like a party. And that party comes through clearly on the impeccably danceable Masterjam.

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