Quincy Jones: 20 Great Productions

From "It's My Party" to 'Thriller' and beyond, we survey an iconic career

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Frank Sinatra, 'L.A. Is My Lady' (1984)

Jones first met Sinatra in 1958 when the up-and-comer was tapped to gather an orchestra to back the Chairmen for a concert in Monaco. The two didn't become fast friends right away, but by the early Sixties, Jones was offered a couple producing and arranging gigs for Sinatra recordings, and he'd even begun to hang out with the Rat Pack. As Jones told Vulture: "1964, when I was in Vegas, there were places I wasn't supposed to go because I was black, but Frank fixed that for me. It takes individual efforts like that to change things. It takes white people to say to other white people, 'Do you really want to live as a racist? Is that really what you believe?'" Jones renewed his bond with Sinatra in 1984 by producing L.A. Is My Lady. It ended up being Sinatra's final solo album, and a fitting one at that: relaxed, genial and immaculately arranged, the record features Sinatra's studio rendition of "Mack the Knife," in which he namechecks his old comrade Jones.

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