Phil Collins: My Life in 15 Songs

The singer on the critics who hate him, the rappers who love him and why he's also a little sick of "Sussudio"

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Genesis, "I Can't Dance" (1991)

This began as a guitar riff of Mike's. We'd all taken our Fine Young Cannibals pills, imitating the way that Roland Gift sings, and joking about jeans commercials. It's not about being unable to dance. It's about guys that look good but can't string a sentence together. Each verse is a piss-take at the scenario of a jeans commercial. It was good fun, but the audience thought, "What does he mean that he can't dance?" They didn't see the humor, and it killed the fun.

A few years later, I was doing promo for my [solo] album Both Sides. I told my manager, "I think I've done enough [with Genesis]. I'm living in Switzerland and I'm really happy domestically." All bands dissolve. They aren't meant to last forever.

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