Paul McCartney's 40 Greatest Solo Songs

The definitive guide to his post-Beatles best – chart smashes, psychedelic curiosities, punk, folk, disco and plenty of silly love songs

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8. "Hi, Hi, Hi"

McCartney expertly tweaked his gentlemanly image with this shameless celebration of sex, drugs and guitars. The single promptly got banned by the BBC: Even Macca couldn't quite get away with inviting the ladies to "lie on the bed, get you ready for my body gun." McCartney protested that it was all an innocent misunderstanding, telling Rolling Stone he was really singing, "Get ready for my polygon." (Much better!) He also claimed the chorus – "We're gonna get hi, hi, hi" – "could easily be taken as a natural high." Nobody believed him, but it remains one of his best-loved rockers.

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