Paul McCartney's 40 Greatest Solo Songs

The definitive guide to his post-Beatles best – chart smashes, psychedelic curiosities, punk, folk, disco and plenty of silly love songs

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29. "FourFiveSeconds"

Technically a duet between Rihanna and Kanye West featuring some evocative acoustic strumming from Paul, "FourFiveSeconds" was nonetheless McCartney's biggest hit in decades, proving that pop music still needs and feeds him long after his 64th birthday – and blessedly replacing "Spies Like Us" as his most recent appearance in the Top 10. And even though he barely sings on it, "FourFiveSeconds" is a deeply McCartney-ish song in spirit. From the understated uplift of the chord progression to the churchy organ breakdown in the middle to the quiet jabs of passive aggression ("All of my kindness is taken for weakness," Rihanna sighs like she's dissolving Apple Corps), it sounds far more like him than like either of his younger co-stars. It takes a powerful musical presence to overshadow Yeezus, but that's Paul for you.

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