Ozzy Osbourne's Live Releases: The Definitive Ranking

Now that the Prince of Darkness is embarking on his final tour, we assess his solo live output from the 'iTunes Festival' to 'Tribute'

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5. 'Live & Loud' (1993)

In 1992, a year after putting out the stellar No More Tears album, Ozzy got a shock after he'd been wrongly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's. He decided he wanted to retire and spend more time with his family, so he launched one final live bid: the No More Tours Tour. The double-live album and video release Live & Loud, both of which featured nifty heavy-metal speaker-grill packaging, featured a compilation of songs recorded throughout the tour, and given the weight of the occasion, the performances were particularly electrifying. The album's version of "I Don't Want to Change the World" won Ozzy his first Grammy, and the cover of Black Sabbath's piano ballad "Changes" – which Osbourne's band recorded only once on the trek, at Denver's Red Rocks – became an unlikely rock-radio hit. "You know this is my last time out, yeah?" he asks the crowd at one point. "So let's make this a fuckin' night to remember, OK?" The applause is thunderous. But of course, he was back on the road within a couple of years on his Retirement Sucks tour. "How can I retire at the age of forty-six?" he asked hypothetically in his autobiography.

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