Ozzy Osbourne's Live Releases: The Definitive Ranking

Now that the Prince of Darkness is embarking on his final tour, we assess his solo live output from the 'iTunes Festival' to 'Tribute'

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4. 'Live EP' (1980)

Ozzy's first solo live release contains three tracks recorded during his first post-Sabbath tour, at the Gaumont Theatre in Southampton, England. In addition to brilliant renditions of "Mr. Crowley" and "Suicide Solution," bolstered by Randy Rhoads' pyrotechnic soloing and Lindsay Bridgwater's organ playing, the EP is essential for one thing: the only performance ever of the love song "You Said It All." The band had written the tune on the fly specifically for the release, since its label wanted a new B side, and recorded it at a soundcheck, but its hefty riff, hooky chorus and unpredictable solo make it far from a throwaway. It's as good as any song on Blizzard of Ozz, if not a little better than some of them.

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