Ozzy Osbourne's Live Releases: The Definitive Ranking

Now that the Prince of Darkness is embarking on his final tour, we assess his solo live output from the 'iTunes Festival' to 'Tribute'

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8. 'Live at Budokan' (2002)

Recorded at the fabled Tokyo outpost at the peak of Osbournes mania, this live album and DVD were meant to show casual fans that Ozzy was more than just a reality-TV star. His band at the show was particularly strong, with future Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and former Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin going toe-to-toe with Zakk Wylde, and the way they maintain a loose pocket in songs like the live-rarity "Believer" and "Bark at the Moon" (a song that otherwise doesn't have a pocket) make it a fun listen. Best yet, Ozzy's voice is in top form throughout, and in the video, you can see how much fun he was having at the show.

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