Ozzy Osbourne's Live Releases: The Definitive Ranking

Now that the Prince of Darkness is embarking on his final tour, we assess his solo live output from the 'iTunes Festival' to 'Tribute'

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7. 'Just Say Ozzy' (1990)

When Ozzy hit the road in support of his first record with Zakk Wylde, 1988's No Rest for the Wicked, he found himself needing a bassist, so he phoned up an old friend, Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler. At the time, Ozzy's band had more original Sabbath members than Sabbath. Accordingly, the EP features two songs from the musicians' alma mater – "War Pigs" and an especially lively "Sweet Leaf" – alongside three cuts from Wicked and a version of The Ultimate Sin's "Shot in the Dark" that Ozzy has called his favorite recording of the song. Wylde's playing and especially Butler's surprisingly groovy bass line on the latter make Just Say Ozzy worth a listen. Butler would leave Ozzy's band by the end of the year – eventually rejoining Black Sabbath, which reunited the Mob Rules lineup – but he'd later rejoin to play on 1995's Ozzmosis. The footage above from the Moscow Music Peace Festival is not from Just Say Ozzy, but it's a rare example of "Shot in the Dark" by the same lineup.

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