Ozzy Osbourne's Live Releases: The Definitive Ranking

Now that the Prince of Darkness is embarking on his final tour, we assess his solo live output from the 'iTunes Festival' to 'Tribute'

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6. 'Bark at the Moon' (1984)

Now long out of print, Bark at the Moon was Ozzy's first-ever live video release, and it's a shame given how high-energy he was at this Salt Lake City gig. The singer, sporting some surprisingly blonde plumage, pulls faces like a possessed man during the title song, mimes smoking weed during "Flying High Again" and puts his arms in the air in victory at the end of "Crazy Train." Through it all, new guitar recruit Jake E. Lee twirls, stomps his feet and detunes his guitar while playing a million notes a minute in his "Suicide Solution" solo and songs like "Centre of Eternity" and "Rock 'n' Roll Rebel." And all the while, poor drummer Tommy Aldridge for some reason has to sit atop what looks like a 50-foot staircase. It's pure rock bombast and it deserves better than a shoddy YouTube transfer.

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