Noel Gallagher on His Five Favorite David Bowie Songs

Former Oasis guitarist on a lifetime as a Bowie fan, from 'Heroes' to 'Blackstar' and more

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"In the Heat of the Morning"

This is very obscure. I don't know anybody else that knows it, but it's fucking amazing. The first person ever to play it for me was Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, years and years ago. I was like, "What's that?" And he says, "It's fuckin' David Bowie." People talk about Bowie's guises, or his looks, or his personas, but it's little-known that he started off as a Scott Walker-type dude. This song is very mid-Sixties Brit-pop. Great organ sound, brilliantly produced. You should check it out. 

I was listening to "In the Heat of the Morning" the other day, and I suddenly realized that I've used most of the lyrics in it for bits and bobs over the years! [Q: Which lyrics?] I'm not fuckin' telling you!