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45. "Oh, the Guilt"

Jesus Lizard singer David Yow recalled to the Village Voice in 2011 that he and Cobain discussing doing a single "first time I saw 'em, first time I met 'em," at a 1990 Jesus Lizard/Nirvana show at New Jersey's Maxwell’s. "I was just so impressed because I wasn't that familiar with Nirvana and I knew it was Seattle and grunge and I don't like Soundgarden, and I didn't care much for Mudhoney… But I thought [Nirvana] were fuckin' great." While his band donated the careening "Puss" to the split single – which finally arrived three years later – Nirvana returned the volley with a mid-fi blast, emerging in the gulf between Nevermind and In Utero. In contrast to the slick sound on Nevermind, "Oh, the Guilt," almost D.C.-punkish in its stop-start thud, was recorded in a Seattle basement studio by Barrett Jones. JOE GROSS