No Apologies: All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked

RS tackles the complete catalog of the band that defined the Nineties and made the world a lot noisier

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46. "Very Ape"

Originally titled "Perky New Wave Number," Kurt Cobain said he didn't know what this punky, swinging In Utero hard rocker was about, but here are some clues. "It's kind of an attack on men in a way and people that have flaws in their personality and they're real manly and macho," he said. The lyric, "If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask someone else first," might be the pinnacle of Nirvana's alt-rock slackerism. And, according to Michael Azerrad's Come as You Are, the bit about being the self-proclaimed "King of Illiterature" referred to how Courtney Love teased him about not being very well read. KORY GROW

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