No Apologies: All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked

RS tackles the complete catalog of the band that defined the Nineties and made the world a lot noisier

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42. "Tourette's"

A draft of the lyrics for "Tourette's" contained just three words: "fuck," "shit" and "piss." Cobain's singing voice, like vocal cords in a blender, yowls in a way that approximates similar frustration. When Cobain looked back on the song, he said, "I didn't make any sentences or words, I just screamed." But for all its unfocused acrimony, the song does have one coherent piece of commentary: The clearly spoken words "moderate rock" are a jab at the "modern rock" radio format that had made Nirvana megastars just a few years earlier, nipping at the hand that feeds. KORY GROW

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