No Apologies: All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked

RS tackles the complete catalog of the band that defined the Nineties and made the world a lot noisier

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100. "Raunchola"/"Moby Dick"

Described by Krist Novoselic as "really raunchy," "Erectum" (or "Raunchola" as it was variously titled) was an early Nirvana composition that bound together a wobbly bass line, a few mimeographed Seventies punk riffs, some chunky metal guitar and one atonal Greg Ginn-style avant-garde solo. The band revisited their Led Zep love toward the end of a 1988 show, giving then-drummer Dale Crover a license to go Double-Live Bonzo on John Bonham's signature showstopper (with a little added wooze courtesy of Novoselic). KORY GROW

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