No Apologies: All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked

RS tackles the complete catalog of the band that defined the Nineties and made the world a lot noisier

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94. "Help Me, I'm Hungry"

Nirvana's midnight in-studio performance for Olympia's KAOS Community Radio in May of 1987, marked the band's very first official on-air session – though at the time the band, featuring Aaron Burckhard on drums, was going by the name "Skid Row." They closed their set with this Pixies-gone-Black-Flag moaner that is commonly known as "Vendetaganist," but which was later rechristened – no doubt due to Cobain's repeated moans of "I'm fucking hungry" —with a new title when this performance was issued on the With the Lights Out box. Though "Hungry" is among the deeper of Nirvana cuts, the band actually continued to play it onstage as late as September 28, 1991 – four days after the release of Nevermind. To add to its convoluted history, bootlegs from this gig, at New York City's now-defunct Marquee, show additional names for the song, including "Come on Death" and "Death Jam" – all fine names for such a negative, anguished churn. RICHARD BIENSTOCK

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