Gritty in Pink: Nicki Minaj's 10 Fiercest Disses

The Queens rapper is known for writing the sharpest lyrics in rap. Here are the best of the best

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"Itty Bitty Piggy" ('Beam Me Up Scotty,' 2009)

"I think I'll have a rap bitch for my entrée/'Cause they be thinkin' they can spit, spit shine my shoes"

Ah, fan favorite "Itty Bitty Piggy," a track often brought up as an example of the Mixtape Nicki day-one fans still light candles for. The song features vintage Onika – E train line Onika – hitting bar after bar like it's Santacon, and this is the clear highlight. Close runner-up: "I don't fuck with pigs, like As-salamu alaykum/I put em in a field, I let Oscar Mayer bake 'em."

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