Gritty in Pink: Nicki Minaj's 10 Fiercest Disses

The Queens rapper is known for writing the sharpest lyrics in rap. Here are the best of the best

"Beef Stew" (Internet, 2008)

"She got it twisted like a cock-eyed bitch/That's why I be in Mr. Chow's, you a Popeye's bitch"

Rare in every sense of the word, "Beef Stew" has Nicki breaking the "Money in the Bank" instrumental open with a crowbar. Lost to the sands of broken links – in 2008, the Internet wasn't prepped for loosies the way it is now – the verse could never be confused for her best, but there's absolutely no arguing with this couplet's pure, just-crossed-the-bridge neck snap. When people talk about Mixtape Nicki, this is what they dream of.

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