Gritty in Pink: Nicki Minaj's 10 Fiercest Disses
Nicki Minaj Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

It's an agonizing task picking out Nicki Minaj's 10 best one-liners – a lot like selecting hay from a haystack. Hell, on 2012's "The Boys," she crowns herself "Punchline queen, no boxer though," and when inspired, she even bests Lil Wayne, her boss and mentor. There may not have been enough room for some of her topical one-liners ("You're like balloon boy, mama, you was never there!") or wordy subliminals ("Now which bitch want it, 'cause that bitch get it/I gave him to you, bitch, don't fucking forget it") here, but these 10 disses are all close to perfect, showing the rapper at her sharpest, funniest and most ferocious.