10 K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018

From Loona to Neo Culture Technology, here are the top K-pop acts to follow in 2018

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Thanks to their unconventional debut strategy, girl group Loona have already amassed a strong global following. Since October of 2016, each member has revealed themselves each month with a single and music video. From the dramatic strings of HaSeul's "Let Me In," to YeoJin's cute and theatrical "Kiss Later" and Kim Lip's smoldering "Eclipse," the members of Loona have already shown impressive range in song and character. All the while they've been building their elaborate Loonaverse with members' stories overlapping – inspiring online study groups to decode all their music videos and examine the relationships between them. Even Kim Chi (of RuPaul's Drag Race fame) is on board, tweeting almost daily about her love for the group. The 12th and final member of the group, Olivia Hye, was revealed last month. Her single, "Egoist," echoes the sentiments of fellow member Go Won's self-love anthem, "One & Only," and reinforces the triumph of a post-breakup rebirth by crashing synths – leaving a song as expansive as the world Loona has created.

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