10 K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018

From Loona to Neo Culture Technology, here are the top K-pop acts to follow in 2018

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Jo Woochan, Park Hyunjin and Achillo

They may be barely out of grade school, but 13-year-olds Jo Woochan, Park Hyunjin and Achillo are already bolder than rappers twice their age. Their latest song is titled "OGZ" – which is a mash-up of the term O.G. and Korean word ojida, meaning brilliant and talented. The song delivers just that: a trio of gifted young rappers unafraid to let listeners know just how exceptional they are. Jo Woochan has appeared on televised rap competition Show Me the Money, where he outlasted most of the much older and more seasoned contestants, and Park Hyunjin won the last season of K-pop Star, a TV competition à la American Idol in which three entertainment companies audition artists to find the next big thing. But it's Achillo, the only one of the three without reality-TV fame, who brings the most bite in his verse. He goes straight for the jugular and calls out the struggling rappers of Seoul's hip Hongdae district for not rapping as much as they "puff and pass." These three rappers are cute as heck, but they also write a mean verse and deliver it with the kind of bravado that only teenage boys could muster.

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