10 K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018

From Loona to Neo Culture Technology, here are the top K-pop acts to follow in 2018

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Day6 may be signed to one of the biggest K-pop labels in Korea, but they're not the average K-pop band: They like their pop with a little rock & roll. Sungjin and Jae dominate on guitar, Young K on the bass, Dowoon on the drums, and Wonpil on keyboard and synths. In 2017 the band worked on a year-long project called Every Day6, in which they released a single and B-side on the sixth of every month. The final installment in the series, "I Like You," starts like a classic-rock ballad and swells into an explosive, soap-opera–worthy declaration of love. After a long time spent holding back for fear of ruining a good thing, Day6 finally let it all out, culminating in a cathartic shout from the rooftops (depicted quite literally in the music video).

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