10 New Artists You Need to Know: Fall 2014

From Loretta-like traditionalists to the garage-rock-loving granddaughter of a country legend, our picks for 10 must-hear artists

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Girls Guns and Glory
Girls Guns and Glory Photo Courtesy of Shock Ink2/10

Girls Guns and Glory

Sounds Like: Modern-day Buddy Holly plus Dwight Yoakam divided by the Mavericks

For Fans Of: Think-y, soulful lyrics paired with a beat you can dance to

Why You Should Pay Attention: The band, which was named (tongue in cheek) for everything representative of the country music front man Ward Hayden was listening to, is on the road 250 days a year, bringing its Boston-bred Americana sound across the globe. Hayden cites his discovery of Hank Williams' music as a turning point for his own songwriting. "I had never heard something that had hit me on such a deep level." Fittingly, in February, GGG will release a Hank Williams tribute album.

They Say: "When I am going through the process of something, I don't do any writing," Hayden says. "But when I come out on the other side, that's when I can make it rhyme." Hayden thought about the story behind "Centralia," a fire-ravaged Pennsylvania mining town, for two years before he sat down to write. Once he did, the lyrics came in about 20 minutes.

Hear for Yourself: The yearning "All the Way Up to Heaven" from the new album Good Luck
— Margaret Littman

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