My Grammys: Weird Al, David Sedaris and More Remember the Big Night

Margaret Cho, Nate Ruess, Mastodon and Giorgio Moroder share stories from backstage

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Mastodon's Brann Dailor
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Mastodon's Brann Dailor

Three Nominations: Best Metal Performance (2007, 2015); Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance (2012)

When we got nominated in 2007, we were on tour in Europe with Tool. I had to do an interview with Rolling Stone after we found out. I had the flu, so I was super sick. I was in my bunk and they handed me the phone. So it was like, "How do you feel about being nominated?" And I felt like shit. That first one was the biggest shocker for us. We thought it was totally outside the realm of possibility for a band like us. It was confusing because we're not in that world. We thought they made a mistake. 

We've gone to the ceremony every time. I bring my wife with me. Everybody brings their wives or girlfriends. I like parties. We never expect to win.

That first year, I think we were on tour. We had to fly in and I remember getting changed into a suit. They said I looked like a narc or something. I remember changing in the bathroom in a stall at LAX. Then we got into the limo early in the morning. My wife had been up all night with her band the night before. It was kind of a whirlwind. There was a big gift basket from Jada Pinkett Smith with a note of congratulations waiting for us. 

The red carpet was really bizarre. Chris Isaak interviewed us for the Today Show or something. I don't think most people knew who the hell we were. We had a publicist with us saying, "This is Mastodon." And people would be like, "Who?" "They're a heavy metal band." "Oh yeah, I guess we'll talk to you." We got there early before any of the real stars got there. We were kinda shadowing Peter Frampton, so that was cool.

I have some friends who are like, "I won't go to that bullshit." Why not? It's different and weird and bizarre. It's some of the best people-watching you can do. We went to some party and probably stayed too late. Then it goes back to reality of playing in the middle of nowhere in some club.

The second one [in 2012], I think we were coming from Europe. We missed the red carpet, but the Warner Bros. party was cool. I remember Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney came into the room where everybody was, and they were dancing together. [Vocalist and guitarist Brent Hinds] had taken all of the flowers out of some big vase and put them up through his shirt so that they were coming out around his neck. He looked like a total crazy person and went over there and started dancing with them. I swear I looked over and saw him and Paul McCartney Eskimo kissing. All of a sudden Paul and Elvis were whisked away. My wife and I were like, "It's probably not going to get any better than that, so we might as well leave."

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