My Grammys: Weird Al, David Sedaris and More Remember the Big Night

Margaret Cho, Nate Ruess, Mastodon and Giorgio Moroder share stories from backstage

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Margaret Cho
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Margaret Cho

One Nomination: Best Comedy Album (2011)

It was really exciting, you know? It's always really thrilling to be in any — I love that kind of big music show because you can see these performers up close. That one was really good because Dylan performed with Mumford and this array of Americana guys and that was really incredible. Jennifer Lopez was standing in this silver dress — I can't even do the facial expression, it was so stupid. Why are you giving Bob Dylan a fuck face? It was this crazy weird fuck face, and I'm like, don't give Bob Dylan. . .He wrote "Blood on the Tracks." You need to just love him.

I sat in between Kathy Griffin and Arcade Fire; and Arcade Fire were so elated, they had won album of the year. It was so thrilling because I love them, but it was like, oh, finally an indie band! They were so excited to win. Kathy and I were pissed for not winning. She tried so hard to break the gender gap, to win the Grammy for that category. 

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