Music's 30 Fiercest Feuds and Beefs

From classic-rock squabbles to hip-hop diss tracks and social media wars, here are the ridiculous, rancorous conflicts that have held us rapt

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Noel Gallagher vs. Liam Gallagher
Noel and Liam Gallagher Dave Hogan/Getty22/30

Noel Gallagher vs. Liam Gallagher

When they're not venting about other subjects that displease them – here's a list of Noel's Top 101 – the Gallaghers can be found unleashing their wrath on each other. The spark of their acrimony remains lost to time, but Liam offered a possibility in the 2016 documentary Supersonic. "One night I came in pissed and I couldn't find the light switch. So I pissed all over [Noel's] new stereo. I think it basically boils down to that."

Oasis' first tour of the US in 1994 provided a showcase for their family squabbles. A shambolic gig in Los Angeles that September culminated in an onstage fight after Liam altered the lyrics to "Live Forever" specifically to piss off his brother. Words were exchanged, then fists. Liam eventually hurled a tambourine at Noel's head, thus ending the show. An interview with the NME from the period captured the full extent of their sniping, and was released for posterity as a bootleg single, "Wibbling Rivalry."

The success of "Wonderwall" propelled Oasis to the highest echelon of stardom, but the fights hampered their rise in the United States. Liam pulled out of filming their 1996 episode of MTV's Unplugged at the last minute, claiming a sore throat. Noel took over vocal duties while Liam downed beers in the VIP box, shouting insults at his brother throughout the performance.

Their portrayal as ultraviolent thugs on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch took on a scary reality one night in 2000. An ill-advised comment from Liam, allegedly questioning the paternity of Noel's daughter, resulted in a physical altercation. It took Liam years to apologize, but by then their relationship was stretched to its limits.

The breaking point came on August 28th, 2009, minutes before the band took the stage in Paris. Noel claimed that Liam "was quite violent" in the backstage area, swinging a guitar dangerously close to his face. Shaken, he retreated to his car and refused to go on. The next day he shared a statement on his website announcing his departure from Oasis: "I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer."

Since 2011, Liam has used Twitter as a tool to mock his estranged partner and occasionally compare him to a potato. The jibes turned serious in the wake of the May 2017 terrorist attack in Manchester. Liam made an appearance at the star-studded benefit show, but fans were left disappointed when Noel failed to attend. Liam scolded his brother, who was vacationing abroad, in a tweet: "Get on a fucking plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad fuck." He later took the razzing one step further, mocking Noel's seemingly teary performance of Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger" at a One Love Manchester benefit.

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