7 Musicians' Podcasts You Need to Hear

From Questlove's funky deep dives to the Osbourne clan revisiting their peak TV moments

Questlove's 'Questlove Supreme'

Questlove's 'Questlove Supreme'

Format: An energetic host, Questlove leads fun interviews that dig into the nitty-gritty of his favorite songs by his guests.

Schedule: Every week

Why He Does It: "Usually when I do a project, it's to satisfy the curious fan in me," he says. "I may come off as a forty-something music know-it-all, but I'm still the same nine-year-old trying to prompt an investigation over the 'Love Rollercoaster' murders."

Best Moments: From the off-the-cuff "Supreme Roll Call" that starts each episode to revealing insights like Bootsy Collins' wild all-nighter seeing Fela Kuti in Nigeria, it's a lively listen throughout. Here are Questlove's favorite moments: "Learning that Prince made the best fried-egg sandwiches (episode 4 with guests the Revolution), or that James Brown had a Dinty Moore beef-stew handler on call 24/7 (episode 5, Alan Leeds). Also, finding out that both Les Paul and T-Bone Walker gave Steve Miller guitar lessons regularly before the age of 10 (episode 66), and there's stories about the audacity of blasting N.W.A in the White House (episode 61, DJ D Nice), getting fired by Diana Ross (episode 62, Sheila E), dealing with racist hecklers pre- and post-Hootie (episode 59, Darius Rucker), learning which celebrity took a hit out on one of Def Jam's rising superstars (episode 22, MC Serch), the time Babyface stopped a near pugilistic confrontation with a bandmate to pen the lyric of one of his greatest classics (episode 29) and the challenge of Steely Dan harmony-stacking with Michael McDonald (episode 55). I also loved hearing about Herb Alpert dropping the Sex Pistols from A&M in seven days (episode 52), and finding out Whitney Houston was supposed to sing on 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' with Michael Jackson (episode 34, Siedah Garrett)."

Best Guest: Ray Parker Jr., who recalled writing the Ghostbusters theme and claimed his old boss Stevie Wonder can drive: "He didn't care about hitting the cars."

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