7 Musicians' Podcasts You Need to Hear

From Questlove's funky deep dives to the Osbourne clan revisiting their peak TV moments

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Mike Watt's 'The Watt From Pedro Show'

Mike Watt's 'The Watt From Pedro Show'

Format: Loose and freewheeling, Watt spins records and spitballs on everything from jazz to punk and goes deep his guests about their musical history for three hours at a time. "I hope people get turned on to all kinds of trippy shit," Watt says.

Schedule: Almost weekly

Why He Does It: "I dislike that bullshit name [podcast] 'cause it makes feel like a shill for some device," he says. "Fuck, I don't think that device is even made anymore but fuck it, I call it my radio show 'cause it radiates through the Internet and can be heard by anybody with a machine that can play an MP3 file. Second, I do it because I feel very strongly that my show is one way I can pay down the debt I feel I owe the punk movement for letting people like [Minutemen frontman] D. Boon and me have a chance at expression and letting our freak flag fly. Punk for me was not a style or type of music but more a state of mind. I don't play any mersh [commercial] shit. I play what folks flow me after putting in all they got from the autonomy pried open by those cats in the old days with balls like churchbells. I try to create a trippy kind of forum [where] folks can speak their mind using sound."

Best Moment: Watt can't pick. "I have to yet to hear the same story about a person's journey through music," he says. "They're all fucking different, each and every single one. The stories are compelling and I feel is a righteous thing that can be shared and maybe even inspire some listening to also take up their freak flag and fly it their way, another part of the big crazy chorus letting itself be heard, finding itself a fucking mind-blow and tripping on that wonder."

Best guests: Jack Black on his early interest in making music, Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament on his college band Deranged Diction and Fred Armisen on his hardcore-punk days. Armisen ended up interviewing Watt about his career. "it's still mysterious," the former Minuteman says of playing bass guitar. "There's too much to learn." 

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