7 Musicians' Podcasts You Need to Hear

From Questlove's funky deep dives to the Osbourne clan revisiting their peak TV moments

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Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners'

Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners'

Format: Jessie endearingly banters back and forth with her mother, Lennie, and guests, mostly about cooking. "It all revolves around food, my favorite subject, and family," Jessie says. "I hope the listener feels like they are around the dinner table with us and learns something new about someone they may already know lots about, or even better, be introduced to someone I want everyone to know about."

Schedule: Biweekly

Why They Do It: "It was a chance for me to ask other people questions," Jessie says. "I’m so sick of talking about myself. It was also a chance to hang out with my mum and get her to cook me dinners every week. I think I pushed her over the edge when we had four guests in a row, though. She had to go and see her chiropractor."

Best Moments: Ed Sheeran proclaiming his distaste for kale and "American-boiled" hotdogs and Sam Smith explaining how quitting drinking has helped him chill.

Best Guests: "My mum fell in love with [Get Out's] Daniel Kaluuya and [Game of Thrones'] Joe Dempsie over the podcast, Sam Smith told us he thought Mexico was in Spain, Ed Sheeran had four portions, and Sandi Toksvig encouraged us all to add a woman to Wikipedia because there aren't enough on there," she says.

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