7 Musicians' Podcasts You Need to Hear

From Questlove's funky deep dives to the Osbourne clan revisiting their peak TV moments

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Henry Rollins' 'Henry and Heidi Show'

Henry Rollins' 'Henry and Heidi Show'

Format: The former Black Flag and Rollins Band frontman and his sweet-sounding manager, Heidi May, share hilarious stories and anecdotes about their working relationship, and Rollins tells stories from throughout his career. "Hopefully, the listeners have some fun listening to it," Rollins says. "That's one of the reasons we made it free, so the fun element was never far from the front."

Schedule: Random

Why They Do It: "One day Heidi mentioned that I've told her a lot of stories that never made it to the stage and we should do a podcast so I could tell them," Rollins says. "That was pretty much it. I thought it was a good idea and people seem to like how the two of us get along. We've been working together for over 20 years and are very good friends."

Best Moments: Rollins explaining how he and his band at the time recorded their landmark End of Silence LP, recalling his first concert (Aerosmith and REO Speedwagon) and making an appearance on a record by William Shatner, among many other fascinating chapters from his life.

Best Moments According to Rollins: "I like the corny sound effects we use and that it's so low-tech," Rollins says. "I like the Heidi's Headlines section a lot because I don't know how I'll be cornered. Mostly, my favorite part is that people like it so much. That's really cool."

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