MTV VMAs 2015's 20 Best and Worst Moments

Kanye's stunning speech, Miley's free nipple and more highs and lows from MTV's explosive night

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Best: Rebel Wilson Fucks With the Censors
Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Gett11/20

Best: Rebel Wilson Fucks With the Censors

Most years, the VMAs are so overproduced that even the spontaneous moments feel staged. This was not one of those years. And let it be said that it was Rebel Wilson who lit the powderkeg that blew this show off the rails. When she strode onstage dressed like a cop, ranted about substandard exotic dancers, then tore off her uniform to reveal a T-shirt that read "FUCK THA STRIPPER POLICE," viewers everywhere dove for their DVR remotes. While moments like this are almost always covered by a cut-away to another camera, the shirt stayed on TV for six glorious seconds, an eternity considering VMA executive producer Van Toffler literally bragged to Billboard that, "We have a delay, so we're prepared." We're not sure how she pulled off the stunt, but Wilson will live in VMA profanity history.

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