'MTV Unplugged': The 15 Best Episodes

To celebrate the show's return, we look back at its greatest moments – from Jay-Z to Nirvana

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5. Eric Clapton (1992)

Eric Clapton's mournful ballad "Tears in Heaven" – inspired by the tragic death of his four-year old son Conor – first appeared on the soundtrack to the largely forgotten 1991 Jennifer Jason Leigh movie Rush. But the version most remembered was cut shortly afterwards at his MTV Unplugged concert. The death of his son put the guitarist in an understandably fragile state of mind, but he poured all his sorrow into the music and created a concert that went on to sell millions when it came out on CD. In addition to "Tears in Heaven," a radical reworking of Derek and the Domino's "Layla" also got a lot of airplay. And that's the reason we didn't list this one higher: It's caused him to revive that rendition of "Layla" in countless concerts during the past 25 years. It's fine and good at an Unplugged show, but at a regular gig we want to hear the original, electric "Layla," not that. 

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