'MTV Unplugged': The 15 Best Episodes

To celebrate the show's return, we look back at its greatest moments – from Jay-Z to Nirvana

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4. Alice in Chains (1996)

Alice in Chains hadn't played a single show in two and a half years when they walked onstage at Brooklyn's Academy of Music on April 10th, 1996. Lead singer Layne Staley's severe heroin addiction made it impossible to promote their 1995 self-titled disc, but on this night he was able to forget his problems and pour himself into his music, delivering unforgettable acoustic renditions of "Rooster," Down in a Hole," "Over Now" and other AIC classics. Bizarrely, it was guitarist Jerry Cantrell who was having a rougher time getting through the show since he ate some bad hot dogs earlier that day and was dealing with a nasty case of food poisoning. The group played a handful of gigs later that year opening for Kiss on their reunion tour, but Unplugged was their last true great moment with Staley. 

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