From Dylan to Beyonce: Most Legendary Inauguration Performances

Trump's inaugural weekend may not go down as a star-studded affair, but past presidents have certainly celebrated with style

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Fleetwood Mac (1993)

Over a decade after their last performance together, the Rumours lineup of Fleetwood Mac reunited to perform at Bill Clinton's Inaugural Ball. The president had been using "Don't Stop" as his campaign song at 1992's Democratic National Convention, and its effectiveness struck a chord with the band members, notably Lindsey Buckingham, who'd quit the group in 1987, and Stevie Nicks, who'd left in 1991. "This is pretty much a one-off thing as far as I'm concerned," Buckingham said at the time of the performance. "In fact, if we'd been asked to do much more than the one song, I don't know if I would have been able to do that." Footage from the performance shows both Bill and Hillary, as well as Al and Tipper Gore, beaming as they clapped along to the 1977 hit, and at the end of it, the First Family ascended the stage (as did Michael Jackson) for the song's closing verses.

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