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Terry Dolan, 'Terry Dolan'

Terry Dolan, 'Terry Dolan'

There was a catalog number, the artwork was ready, and Warner Bros. Records even devoted a full-page to the album, ahead of a 1973 release date, in its promotional magazine, Circular. But then, with no cause given, the label pulled singer-songwriter Terry Dolan's self-titled debut – a superb fusion of San Francisco dreaming, country-comfort reflection and early rock & roll values – from the pipeline, stranding a certain classic in a four-decade limbo. Finally issued with deserved, deluxe treatment, Terry Dolan is a perfect window into the family-circle quality of Bay Area psychedelia in the early Seventies: Pianist Nicky Hopkins produced one side; future Jefferson Starship bassist Pete Sears produced the other; session guests came from Santana and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Dolan went on to lead Terry and the Pirates, a local institution on stage and records. This is how the story should have started.

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