Miley Cyrus: Eight Great Covers That Reveal Her Range

Tom Petty, Dolly Parton and other artists get the cover-version treatment from the pop shapeshifter

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"Don't Dream It's Over" with Ariana Grande (2015)

Cyrus' Backyard Sessions resumed in 2015 as part of her launch of the Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates on behalf of homeless and LGBTQ youth. Rock legend Joan Jett and Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace dropped by to help Miley cover their own tracks, and the three also remade The Replacements' 1984 barnburner "Androgynous." In this sleepover-themed segment, fellow grown-up child star Ariana Grande assists on a cover of the New Zealand pop legends Crowded House's 1986 masterpiece "Don't Dream It's Over." Grande's airy soprano and Cyrus' conversational alto intertwine beautifully, with cottony keyboards enhancing the bedheaded vibe. “What a life that song has had,” former Crowded House frontman Neil Finn told Billboard. “I’m happy to see them enjoying it so much and hope it inspires some donations to a good cause.”

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