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40 Best Rap Albums of 2017

Migos, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and more of the year in rhymes

Rico Nasty, 'Sugar Trap 2'
40. Rico Nasty, 'Sugar Trap 2’40/40

40. Rico Nasty, 'Sugar Trap 2'

From her vivid spray of hair and platform boots to her hyper-energetic, rascally sweetness, Rico Nasty is a technicolor character like the cartoons she loves and references. Her two projects in 2017, Tales of Tacobella and Sugar Trap 2, are full of irreverent humor balanced by a never-too-cute earnestness. It's Sugar Trap 2 that leaves you completely convinced of her talents, though, as she takes the winning bubblegum eccentricity of Lil Yachty (who jumped on the remix of her single "Hey Arnold") and builds a wave all her own that flashes a variety of moods and attitudes. At times, Sugar Trap 2 sounds like you're inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory – everything seems made out of candy and the vocals are coated in Auto-Tune. Yet there are also hints of sinister grime in the margins. Above all, Rico raps with a very human-sounding charm and every facet of the production bursts with life. I.D.