40 Best Rap Albums of 2017

Migos, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and more of the year in rhymes

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21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin, 'Without Warning'
13. 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin, 'Without Warning'13/40

13. 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin, 'Without Warning'

This sharp, succinct surprise release from 21 Savage, Migos member Offset and super-producer Metro Boomin accomplishes many things at once: It further establishes Offset's solo identity as a rugged, ad-libbing motormouth worth his feature fee; it's a chance for 21 Savage to flash his West Indian lilt ("Ghostface Killers"); and it adds another impressive line to Metro Boomin's increasingly untouchable resume – which includes production credits on more Top 40 hits than any other producer in 2017. There's a pleasing push-and-pull between the two MCs here – Offset raps faster than ever on "Ric Flair Drip," happily stuffing verses with syllables, while 21 Savage goes in the opposite direction, from laconic to nearly comatose on "Still Serving." "Yeah, life is The Matrix," Offset concludes. "Be rich or be broke and be basic." E.L.

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