Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: My Life in 15 Songs

Singer/guitarist reflects on nearly four decades of thrash-metal masterpieces

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Dystopia (2016)

"Dystopia" is nominated for a Grammy, which I'm super excited about. People have said, "You have a very narrow vision of the world. Is everything dystopic to you?" It's like, "No, of course not." But fuck, I watched 12 Monkeys. I watched 1984. I know what could very possibly happen. I've played in the Communist side of the world over in Poland. I saw what did happen. I saw the movie on Chernobyl; we were in fucking Russia right where some of those old decrepit nuclear plants are. That's very dystopic-looking. You don't have to have everybody melted to the ground in a neighborhood for it to have credibility as far as looking like something very bad happened there. You go into Detroit, you look at some of the cities there, it's very dystopic.

The song is about loving my fellow man and wanting them – for us – to pull together and to really just try and not be so, just, angsty for one another. People are so quick to jump on somebody if they say something wrong or if they're wearing the wrong thing. We've got the fucking typo police on the net. My family was at the venue [where we played] last night and some girls that were sitting next to them were making all kinds of terrible comments about them because they looked attractive. It's like, why do we not love each other enough where we have to have jealousy for other people? What's wrong with that picture? Why has that person not found someone that would make them feel OK that they would have to say shitty stuff about an 18-year-old girl. What the fuck's wrong with you?

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